How to Create a Bulletproof Marketing Action Plan in Just 10 Easy Steps!

Gary Henson
April 3, 2023

Are you struggling to turn potential clients into loyal customers? Are you tired of stressing out over your marketing plan as you make it up on the fly?

We’ve all been there! The key is to find a way to have a concrete plan in place. You’ve got to have a system that works for you so that you don’t have to start from scratch every time.

How do you do this?

There’s a simple method known as a Marketing Action Plan. Once you’ve created this for yourself, you’ll be able to rely on it time and time again.

And it’s a really simple process! No need to feel overwhelmed because I will walk you through it. All you need is a pen, paper, and some time.

Check out these 10 easy steps to creating the ultimate Marketing Action Plan.

1. Establish Your “Big Picture” Dreams

The first thing you need to establish is your big-picture vision. Where do you want to go? What’s the plan for the company’s future?

Here you need to decide the general plan for the company. For instance, do you want to become the biggest supplier of your particular product in the country? Do you want to get the biggest client of your life? Do you want to be a billion-dollar company?

These are all questions that you need to answer for yourself to know where you want the company to go. The key to having success here is to dream big and execute bigger. You don’t want to limit your goals here because if they’re too easy to reach then you won’t strive to get them. Make sure to set the bar high so that you can aim for the stars and allow yourself to dream wildly that way you will be an unstoppable giant in the industry.  

2. Set a Clear Mission Statement

Next, you need to establish your company’s mission statement. This is similar to goal setting; however, this is an unwavering general statement about your company. For example, if you’re a yard equipment supplier you could have your mission statement be “to provide the highest quality of lawn care goods to the everyday homeowner.” It just needs to clearly outline your company’s purpose in the market so that you always know what your big goal is. And a clear mission statement will allow you to market yourself clearly to your intended audience.

3. Have Precise Income Goals

Another thing you need to establish right out the gate is the income goals that you expect to meet monthly, quarterly, and/or annually. Just like any goal you set you’ve got to set the bar high to incentivize your team to reach it. If you want to earn big money, then you’ve got to commit to doing the work that will get you there. Once you have this set, you’ll be able to fund your marketing campaigns and grow your company to have a bigger presence in the market. Ultimately these newfound growths will earn you even more than you could ever imagine.

4. Decide Which Products/Services You Will Provide

Now when it comes to what you do, you’ve got to narrow down your services and products. You cannot offer everything in the world, that’s why it’s important to focus on what you’re good at. Doing this will allow you to master your craft and this will appeal to your audience. For example, if you own a painting company…narrow it down. Do you paint houses? Commercial buildings? Cars? When you specialize, you’re positioning your company as a master in your industry and this will capture the more loyal customers in the end. So, if you want to market yourself in the best way possible, pick a lane and stick to it.

5. Pick Your Target Market

Next, you need to establish exactly who your audience is. This step is important because it will help you narrow down exactly who you’re trying to attract. You can be as specific as you want here because this will ultimately help you sell yourself even better. But first, you’ve got to establish who your audience is, what they do, where they hang out, how you will reach them, and why you’re the best option for their needs.

Here’s an example, “at Lawncare Co. our audience is homeowners over the age of 35 that like to keep their property taken care of and they enjoy spending weekends at home where they’re in control. We can reach them through TV marketing campaigns and by advertising at major home improvement stores. We’re the best option for them because our machines are the highest quality in the market, and they want the best.”

6. Establish the Problem You’ll Solve

Much like establishing the target audience itself, you’ve got to understand what problems your clients face so that you can offer a unique solution. This is another area in which you can get as specific as you want because once you’ve nailed down the problem solving it becomes a lot easier. Take a moment to consider what problems your audience faces so that we can decide how to solve them.

7. Offer a Unique Solution

Here is where you get to shine. Hold nothing back! Think of the amazing ways you can serve your customers and make their lives better, then put that into words for your marketing action plan. Now that you have the problem listed out, solve it! When you’re able to show off how amazing you and your team are, you’ll be able to attract customers that trust your ability to solve their problems. You’ve just got to be outspoken and truthful about how great your solution is.

8. Get Testimonials

Now, I’m sure this isn’t your first rodeo, you’ve helped lots of other people solve this issue before. Right? Good, now show off how well you’ve done by collecting testimonials to show your potential clients. This will help establish a line of credibility because you won’t be the one convincing them, other customers will be. This is the key to solidifying yourself as THE EXPERT because you will have a proven track record of success with other individuals.

9. Pick a Marketing Strategy

This is a great spot to get really creative. Will you use traditional marketing channels like radio or television? Will you use email campaigns? A sign spinner on a street corner? There are no limits here, dream big! The bigger you decide to make your marketing strategy the more eyes will be on your company, so don’t limit your channels too much. The only thing you’ve really got to consider here is your target audience. Where are they? How can you reach them? Once you have these questions answered you’re able to pick the marketing channels that suit your needs.  

10. Set Yourself Apart

In order to stand out from the crowd, you will need a unique selling position. Something that will showcase why you should be picked over your competitor  This piece needs to be a very specific angle that will ultimately help your potential customer choose you over the other guys. You can make it just about anything you want. You can have it be something you offer that is unique aside from your solution, a lifetime guarantee on your products or services, or even how you treat your customers can be a great way to showcase why you’re the best in the business.

Once you’ve established what sets you apart in the market it makes the choice for customers to commit easier because they see something refreshing in your company, something they can’t find anywhere else. Show that you’re the company that they’ve been looking for all along by flexing your specialties. This will be the best way to capture a loyal audience that will love your products and services.

Key Takeaway

These 10 easy steps will allow you to become a favorite in your industry. If you want to establish yourself as the expert in your industry, then you must follow each step to create your ultimate Marketing Action Plan. Having a plan like this will allow you to have clear goals, a target audience, and a path to attract them. All you’ve got to do is follow each step and commit to reaching your dreams because when you dream big, anything is possible.

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