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How to Build Your Dream Team For Max Results

→ 4 Steps to Have Your Existing Employees Perform the Right Tasks With Maximum Productivity

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How We Serve Our Clients, Coaches & Students

we’re driving business and disrupting the status quo. everything is possible to those who believe. that’s our motto.


For Owners & Leaders

We help business owners create cultures where employees want to work. We work with managers and leaders to be better leaders and better managers and it shows in the bottom-line.

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For Coaches & Consultants

Learn to think like an entrepreneur and build a thriving coaching company. Discover the absolutes to build a high-end coaching business and learn from the pioneers in the industry.

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Webinar: How to Transform Your Workplace Environment

This free webinar will teach employers: To Build a Culture of Accountability and Profitability; and The 7 Critical Success Factors to a great work culture.

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Future-Proof Your Business

Get this resource that our business clients use to build their business, their team and their culture. Includes 13 chapters full of educational materials, handouts, forms and worksheets for businesses and teams.

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How To Transform Your Company & Experience Bigger Results


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Founder’s Thoughts

There's always a story behind the story and it's the one that matters most because it's the "why" behind what we do. For us the dream was sparked by meeting an incredible man named Jim Selman in 1988. Jim is the man Gary credits for being the inspiration behind his shift from owning Bradford Real Estate Company to becoming the founder of With a passion for business and entrepreneurship, he made a bold move, invested everything and spent his career mastering workplace transformation.

This business management approach was different and the appeal of business coaching came from the desire to have more fulfillment in life. Since then 30 years later Gary has worked with over 6000 leaders to build great companies.


“The best investment we made all year was hiring”

- Tom marcinek, division president of haemonetics