The 3 Critical Signs that You NEED a Business Coach

Gary Henson
June 7, 2023

How do you know when it’s time to ask for help?

Many business leaders across the globe are in over their heads and they don’t know where to turn or who to reach out to…

This will lead to companies struggling to make a profit and some even going under due to preventable circumstances.

I want to tell you how you can avoid flailing about like other company leaders. Let’s do something about your situation so that your company can have the longevity you’ve always envisioned.  

Here Are the 3 Major Signs That You Need a Business Coach:

1. You’re Reacting Instead of Being Proactive

One of the biggest mistakes that company leaders make is being underprepared. If you are not prepared for any obstacle, then you will be caught in a constant cycle of reacting to issues instead of being proactive with solutions. Every business should be practicing preparedness so that the company is cultivating methods and systems that will deal with obstacles before they show up.

If your company is in a reactionary state, there are ways you can combat this. First, the company needs to be holding regular meetings with the staff to strategize for the future and prepare for different scenarios. For example, if your tech company is set to launch a new software next quarter, have a plan B in case sales don’t reach your projections. Will you increase your marketing budget? Adjust the offer? Etc. Secondly, a well-seasoned Business Coach has the ability to help your company move easily from reactionary to proactive by providing an “Outside Objective Perspective.” Due to the Coach not having any emotional connection to your company, he or she is able to take a step back and point out the areas of weakness that you can improve to be proactive against upcoming obstacles. This will ultimately help you be prepared for anything that may show up on the horizon and allow you to not take a hit when the trouble shows up.

2. You’re Lacking Strategy

As the head of your company, I’m sure that you are focused on the day-to-day so much that you rarely have time to plan for the future. Just like the reactions you may be having; a lack of long-term strategizing may lead to your company ending up pitted in a corner. Once you’re there, the chances of branching out and growing the company drop drastically because you’ve spent years putting out fires instead of focusing on your big-picture mission. But, with the right help, you can avoid the pain of being stuck as you will be able to decide your own destiny.

This is where a Business Coach comes in handy again. The expert Coach will be able to throw out scenarios of decisions you might have to make in the future and help you plan moves around those upcoming obstacles so that your company always has a game plan. You’ll always be able to know the next move and where you want to go because you’ve planned diligently for each step leading to victory. This will ultimately allow you to focus more on the dreams and visions you have for your business as you make them a reality.

3. You’re Overwhelmed by Stress

The last critical sign that you need some help is the amount of overwhelming stress that you hold because of the company you run. Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you feel like you never get a real day off? Are you constantly thinking about your next day at the never-ending hell that your company has become?

These are all signs of overwhelming stress that will ultimately cause you to no longer have a passion for your work. This can lead to personal relationships being affected and ultimately your loss of passion for the company you once loved. So, how do you combat this? With some help from a Business Coach of course!

The Coach will be able to help you unpack that stress by focusing on obstacles that need to be addressed immediately while putting a plan in place to fix upcoming ones in the near future. It’s all about taking it step by step to unload the years of unrelenting chaos you’ve had to deal with. Next, your ally—the Coach—will help you delegate day-to-day tasks so that you’re not overwhelmed anymore. You should be able to have fun in your business and not have to handle everything yourself, and with some help from a Business Coach, you can make this a reality.

Key Takeaway

These 3 signs are critical to spot before they become too overwhelming in your business. If you’re struggling to plan for obstacles, strategize your growth, and are carrying the weight of the company on your shoulders, then it’s time for a Business Coach to step in. When you hire a great Coach, your life will be transformed as you grow into the leader your team needs. You will be able to be prepared for anything, always have a vision for the company, and you’ll even be having fun in your company again!

If you’re having any one or all of these signs show up in your daily work, then it’s probably time to hire a Business Coach. Visit for more resources and contact us there if you’re ready to transform your life.

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