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For business owners
Our Playbooks are designed to help you conquer many of the challenges that CEOs face on a daily basis. Written out of over 30 years of working with clients, these Playbooks will dramatically improve the most significant areas of any company in ways that will amaze even the most effective Leader!
For business coaches
These Playbooks will serve as your necessary tools for Coaching your clients. Become a MASTER at coaching CEOs through their most common challenges.

Business Owner's Playbook


The Business Owner's Playbook is an interactive digital textbook and workbook that teaches EXACTLY what you need to know to run a thriving business. This program is designed to transform your company and you as the Business Owner from the inside out to reach goals and profitability you didn't think possible. The Business Owner's Playbook has 10 Chapters FULL of in-depth training, interactive worksheets, empowering questions, motivating quotes, and more!

The Art of Sales Playbook


The Art of Sales Playbook is an interactive Training Manual that will teach you exactly what you need to lead your sales team toward exponential growth.

Business Coach's Playbook


The Business Coach's Playbook is an interactive Training Manual & Audio Lessons that will teach you exactly what you need to know to become a highly successful Business Coach. Whether you have no prior knowledge of Business Coaching or you've been Coaching for years and want to further develop your skillset, The Business Coach's Playbook is exactly what you need.

Client Attraction Playbook


It's time to sign your dream clients! The Client Attraction Playbook was written from years of mastering the art of signing new clients. It will walk you, step-by-step, through the latest approach has been using to sign high-end clients for over 30 years. By absorbing and applying everything in this Playbook, you will no longer have to dread struggling to find clients. This Playbook will prepare you to be well-equipped to attract, engage, and enroll your ideal clients with confidence.

The Team Building Playbook


If you want to take your business beyond where it has ever been, you MUST learn the art of transformational team building. This Playbook will show you how to find the right team players, how to establish a clear mission for your company to rally around, you'll learn the importance of having clearly written roles for each team member, the power of accountability, and much more. When you have the tools to build and develop a solid team, there�s almost nothing that you can't accomplish.

The Customer Service Playbook


Top-of-the-line customer service should be unforgettable. Your customer service should be so over-the-top, so accommodating, and so tuned in with the customer's needs that it should be an impactful and memorable experience for them. THIS is what separates the average companies from the top in each industry, and this Playbook will show you how to be among the best.

The Extraordinary Leader's Playbook


The Extraordinary Leader's Playbook is an interactive Training Manual that will teach you exactly what you need to get dynamic results by leading with confidence, passion, and heart. Sharpen your leadership skills and lead your team to success.

How to Attract & Retain All-Star Employees Playbook


Are you ready to hire your dream employees? This Playbook was written out of years of helping Business Owners master the art of finding, interviewing, hiring, and retaining all-star employees. The success of every company depends on the people who make it up. This Playbook will walk you, step-by-step, through the process of ensuring you hire the best of the best.

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