The 7 Secrets that EVERY Business Company Leader Should Know…Hint: They’re Simpler Than You Think

December 5, 2022

The 7 Secrets that EVERY Company Leader Should Know…Hint: They’re Simpler Than You Think.

Growing your company can be so challenging in this sea of never-ending information, and you shouldn’t have to struggle to find the path to success.

Too many “talking heads” out there that can provide some understanding, but no one is providing the transformation that will take your company to the next level.

If you don’t get the right help, you could be looking at years of scrambling around before you start to make a solid profit.

This is why Coach Gary Henson, CEO & Founder of, dedicated himself to learning the most valuable secrets over the past 30+ years by growing his knowledge and wisdom in the practice of Coaching. And in this spirit, he dedicated that time to helping companies find true transformation.  

He has set aside countless hours to crack the code that leads to unmatched success…and now he’s ready to share it with you!

He refers to these secrets as…

The 7 Critical Success Factors to Transform ANY Company into a Success Machine

1. The Invented Future - Inspiring your team to take the reins

  • When you hold to the idea of an invented future, you are open to any growth opportunity and haven’t limited yourself with a glass ceiling. Instead, you’re encouraging everyone within your organization to invent the future of the company—one in which success is abundant.
  • The invented future is VITAL when designing your company culture. This simply means that you are creating an environment that fosters  is fertile for limitless innovation accomplishments.

2. Generating New Sales Revenue - A Team Effort

  • Thriving companies are constantly training their entire team on how to generate new sales revenue. One way to accomplish this is by creating a team that is willing to go above and beyond to make sure all the customer’s needs are met.
  • When you focus on the needs of the customer, the sales come more naturally. Inspire your team by teaching them the art of selling—passionately.

3. Leveraging Profits - The Art of Investing

  • One of the most important skills every company should know is how to manage resources. When it comes to leveraging profits, one of the best ways to multiply your revenue is to invest and reinvest.
  • Whether you are bootstrapping your company (reinvesting into the firm) or investing in outside sources, you should always be keeping track of how you are using your money to MAKE MONEY.
  • Investing isn’t just for the stock market…it is an essential tool for ensuring the longevity of your company.

4. Finding the Perfect Niche - Start Getting Picky

  • Most companies are broadly trying to serve everyone, but they can’t. As a company leader, you need to decide who your company will serve.
  • Ask yourself, “What kind of person needs the solution my company provides? What age group? Where do they hang out? What are their interests?” Asking specific questions will help you market effectively.
  • When you become too generalized you can’t focus on high-quality service. Don’t wear yourself too thin, stay in your own lane and focus on those that need you most.

5. Focus on Producing Profits - URGENCY is Key

  • The most successful companies embrace the urgency of producing profits monthly. Make profits the MAIN THING if you want to be an extraordinary leader.
  • Keeping a Profit and Loss Statement will help you measure your organizational success and failures. Don’t be in the dark, start keeping score!

6. Customer Service - Become Unforgettable

  • World-class service is a must if you want a successful company. Prioritizing the needs and happiness of every customer is the best way to ensure long-term wins. Be an unstoppable leader by making sure your team has customer service skills that are unforgettable.  
  • Start under-promising and over-delivering if you want customers to be excited to do business with you. They might forget the price, but they will never forget how well you served them.  

7. Extraordinary Leadership - The Key to Unmatched Growth

  • Successful companies thrive with extraordinary leadership. However, most companies do not have the leadership necessary to become outstanding.
  • Don’t make the same mistake as so many other companies who fail to develop their culture and leadership skills. If you prioritize developing strong leaders and a thriving company culture, your employees will look to the horizon and stop at nothing short of unmatched success!

Wielding these insights in your company is the best way to ensure enormous growth and long-term sustainability. We’d love to help you transform your company into a success machine. Ready to take the next step? Contact us here!

We look forward to helping your company thrive as you achieve your dreams.

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