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Know The Facts And The Stats

How We Can Help Your Company Grow Its Potential for Success

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Coaching Builds People
An internal report of the Personnel Management Assoc. showed when training is combined with coaching, individuals increase their productivity by an average of 86% compared with 22% alone.


Coaching Builds People: It’s a statistical fact that coaching improves performance. We offer organizational and executive coaching with a candid, yet empowering approach, to help owners and leaders improve their business and career. We help companies believe in bigger possibilities and follow it up with intentional action. We have a focused commitment–to get our clients real results. But, hiring a professional coaching firm isn’t for everyone. We make sure we’re a match. Download our services brochure to learn more.

Our commitment is getting our clients results.

Our Genius:

  • Maximizing Profitability

  • Culture Development

  • Human Potential

  • Leadership

  • Hiring Top Performers

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Teambuilding

  • Business Planning

  • Communication

  • Training/Workshops

    • Sales

    • Customer Service

KNOW THE truth

The Truth About What Your Employees Are Really Thinking

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"What vulnerability means is you create an environment where people feel safe to raise their hand and say you've given me a job and I'm not trained and I don't know what I'm doing. Will you help me?"   -Simon Sinek


Empowered People Are Most Important

Bottom-line profits are important, but the truth is how you get there is what’s most important and your people are what will make or break a great company. Many companies miss the importance of relationship and transparency with their employees. It’s about being real and remembering that even though employees work for a paycheck, they still want relationship, healthy competition, recognition and some fun thrown into the mix. This is why building a healthy thriving culture is essential.

Your culture impacts people and empowered people are the real machine behind a profitable company.

Overall companies need to focus more on hiring managers that are willing to show transparency, empathy and genuine care by helping employees reach their goals for their career. That’s just smart business. Encouraging philanthropy projects and awarding employees for the work they do to give back to their communities is another way to empower your company. Download our thinkDoc “What Your Employees Are Really Thinking.”


The truth about a healthy culture

Accountability At Its Best Is An Empowering Tool for Success


Developing a culture of trust comes through implementing organizational structures that require personal accountability and it’s essential to build a sustainable and successful company. Do you have accountability structures in your company and are they being communicated day-to-day in the organization?  Healthy structures for accountability are more often than not a missing piece.  Lack of accountability will have the company go in all directions while being pulled by individuals, either overtly or covertly. It simply doesn’t work.

Structures for employee accountability must be in place to have the culture go beyond average or typical growth.

Commitment-based or accountability-based cultures in part means that people complete projects that they agree to within the timeframe agreed.  However, if agreements are broken, finger pointing and demeaning team members isn’t part of a healthy culture either. Empowering people to be accountable to their word and communicating necessary changes is part of building a culture of trust.


executives see improvement to organizational strength

Based on a study by Manchester Inc. on the impact of executive coaching.

Helping employees and executives make reasonable commitments is part of empowering people to succeed. The goal is to set people up to win. It sounds easy, but yet so many companies fail to roll out a healthy culture of accountability and without it morale, job satisfaction and profitability are severely inhibited.


"As I look back, I reflect on the many areas has impacted our company, the benefits of business coaching are huge. Business coaching isn’t necessarily for everyone, but for those who are committed and coachable, the rewards are significant."

-frank carson, Owner of carson landscape industries (200+ employees)

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we’re proud of what we do

We Help Companies Drive Their Business Forward & Disrupt Their Status Quo


Our Heart

Our heart is to see people win at what they’re born to do. This is why in business we’re driving business forward and disrupting the status quo.

Our Passion

Our passion is to work with companies and leaders that have a commitment to excellence and want to learn how to drive their business forward, while implementing a workplace culture where people are inspired to grow.

We work hands-on with business owners, CEO’s, executives, managers and employees from the top-down to improve communication and morale across the board.

We utilize a unique methodology of coaching to transform people and the things that get in their way, keep them stuck or inhibit their leadership, influence and success.

One of the things that we've learned after working with 7000 leaders is everyone has challenges because entrepreneurs are human and life will show up, like it or not. We make it our job to understand the workplace environment. We need to know what makes people shrink or become resigned vs. thrive, create and innovate.


We are in the people business because good people forward and shape the future. In a nutshell we love people and we love the art of business. We're driving ourselves daily in our company to become better at serving clients and the real needs business owners and their employees face. We can drive entrepreneurs in the direction of their bigger dreams because we know there's more available and we live what we teach.

Some Personal Stuff: Our Motto

Our motto is everything is possible to those that believe.

Gary Henson, our Founder, and Jenene Stafford, (his wife and the creator of Megamorphosis Magazine) are passionate believing Christians with a mandate to help believers change the way they do business. They are two very warm and inviting people and have a great love for humanity. They teach a 12 week course 2 to 3 times per year called The Dokimos Project and it is a "spiritual gymnasium" for believers who want more out of their faith. My wife Jenene is the founder of Megamorphosis Magazine, an online magazine for kingdom builders to encourage sharing radical love. We are very focused on making the world a better place to live. They are always available to pray with or for any client that would like spiritual support regardless of their faith.


Jenene Stafford
Creative Director of Miracle Studio & Founder of Megamorphosis Magazine

Gary Henson
Founder & President of

Gary and Jenene have been married for 18 years and have 5 beautiful daughters and five grandchildren.

Gary and Jenene have been married for 18 years and have 5 beautiful daughters and five grandchildren.


We’d be honored to help you grow your company.


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