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About Us

The Story


The Story Behind The Story

Gary Henson and Jenene Stafford (that's us to the right). We're the owners of BusinessCoach.com.


We have a humble story, really. We've been like every other entrepreneur who bravely launches out into the unknown.

There's always a story behind the story and it's the one that matters because it's the "why" behind what we do. For us the dream was sparked by meeting an incredible man named Jim Selman in 1988. Jim is the man I credit for being the inspiration behind my shift from owning Bradford Real Estate Company - to becoming the founder of BusinessCoach.com. With entrepreneurial family roots and a passion for business and entrepreneurship, I made a bold move and invested everything into learning from the master of workplace transformation.

This business management approach was different than that of a typical consultant and the appeal of business coaching came from a place of wanting more fulfillment out of life. I had gone through a divorce and started to realize I had a few shortcomings getting in the way of being the person and leader I really wanted to be. In 1987, I began an intensive mentorship program with Bob McCann and began to learn "how to think outside the box", a term that was fresh and trendy at the time, but was also the beginning of the thinking about the workplace in a more progressive and innovative way. 

Now, all these years later I'm a 28 year veteran of the professional business coaching industry and still learning and expanding what's really possible and how much further can entrepreneurship go to evolve the world of business.

Now my wife Jenene is going to chime in. . .

Hi beautiful friends! I'm Jenene. Like Gary I also came from a family of entrepreneurs and began working in my Grandparent's grocery store at the young age of 8. Entrepreneurial spirit runs deep for us. In 1992 along comes li'l ol' me (Jenene Stafford and 5'3") a young entrepreneur who had some pretty big life challenges to work through as a 27 year old battered wife. This was my secret as I was trying to find any glimpse of hope or purpose in life.

In an effort to get some help with my quickly growing upscale housekeeping company I discovered Gary Henson through the yellow pages. He invited me to LeTip International, a networking organization and life was never the same again. Gary, first became my hero, then my business coach, then we became best friends and 8 years later we were married. Gary was the reason I could believe again that anything is possible. 

This is the real story behind the story.  People are people and we all have our stuff. We have certain behaviors based on life experience and sometimes they limit our capacity to lead our companies well or live a fulfilling life. We can either be marked by the past or we can make our mark on future generations. 

People who know us well would say we're a powerful couple. Personally I think we're a pair to draw to (in a good way). Gary and I have a 19 year age gap and it makes for energetic, sometimes fiery conversations (just being real). It also allows for a unique perspective as our company delves into the way generations think, communicate and behave. Each generation comes with its own genius and challenge. Knowing people and knowing the evolving landscape of business is crucial for our company.

One of the things that we've learned after working with 7000 leaders is everyone has challenges because entrepreneurs are human and life will show up, like it or not. We make it our job to understand the workplace environment. We need to know what makes people shrink or become resigned vs. thrive, create and innovate.

We are in the people business because good people forward and shape the future. In a nutshell we love people and we love the art of business. We're driving ourselves daily in our company to become better at serving clients and the real needs business owners and their employees face. We can drive entrepreneurs in the direction of their bigger dreams because we know there's more available and we live what we teach.

With a mission to drive business through mentoring entrepreneurs comes more opportunities to impact the next generation of leaders, to make philanthropy and social good an overarching theme of entrepreneurship and to forward creativity and innovation.

This is why we are Driving Business™ and disrupting the status quo. Our heart is to see people win at what they're born to do.

The Other Stuff

We wouldn't be completely real if we didn't share we are also passionate believing Christians and serve all people from a place of love and respect regardless of their faith. We will at times use biblical principles as examples in our articles and we are always available to pray for or with any client who could use spiritual support. In addition to our company, I (Gary) teach a 12-week class called the Dokimos Project and it is a "spiritual gymnasium" for believers who want more out of their faith. My wife Jenene is the founder of Megamorphosis Magazine, an online magazine for kingdom builders to encourage sharing radical love. We are very focused on making the world a better place to live.


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Driving Business & Disrupting The Status Quo

We empower our clients to disrupt the status quo because that's our story too.

The most successful companies are the ones who have figured out these (3)  three things:

Your employees want to:

  1. Experience fulfillment at work,
  2. Use their natural gifts and abilities and
  3. Work for CEOs, executives and managers who are willing to be transparent and approachable, while showing they care. 

To maneuver the new world of faster, smarter, savvier companies, you'll need to understand the workplace landscape has changed and is ever changing at a rapid pace.

Everything about the workplace looks different than it did even five years ago. Being able to differentiate your company's playground and creating a culture to thrive in is essential to compete in the marketplace. The good news is the process can be incredibly rewarding and fun for you as well as your team. New workplace cultures, teams, accountabilities and innovations can be implemented and rolled out in a way that engages and excites your employees. That's what we do.

Here at BusinessCoach.com we're passionate about creating thriving companies where people want to work. It's our desire to help business owners create profitable companies that ensure a family of loyal, inspired, creative and productive team  members being encouraged and mentored by their leaders and managers.

We can help improve your company by creating more profits, loosening your schedule, and make it so you can and  have a more fulfilling life as an entrepreneur. Please reach out to us personally if you have questions about our business or our methodology.

Email us: info@businesscoach.com. Or call: 916-922-7766.

It's safe to describe ourselves as workplace culture experts.