FOUNDED 1989 has been transforming businesses (and lives) for over 30 years. We believe that business owners and entrepreneurs are a special breed, fueled with passion to leave a lasting impact on the world.

We were founded in 1989 in Sacramento, CA by Gary Henson. Coach Gary was at a crossroads, struggling to find a sense of purpose and direction for his life. He was introduced to a transformational personal-development course that awoke a passion in him to make a lasting difference on the world around him. Before Business Coaching was even a known industry, Gary was one of the first to blend his knowledge of business with the power of transformation and develop a Business Coaching curriculum to transform companies from the inside out.

Throughout our years of experience, we’ve found that almost every business owner faces common challenges when running their business--ranging from short-sighted leadership skills, to organizational issues, communication breakdowns, financial mismanagement, sales, and more. Business owners, too often, limit what they think is possible, and we exist to help them close that gap. We use our proven curriculum and expertise to coach business owners through these struggles and on to new levels of profits they didn’t know possible.  

Our relationship-oriented approach to creating vibrant and thriving workplaces comes from a core belief that every human being has greatness inside them. Our passion is to work with companies that have a commitment to excellence and want to learn how to create a legacy, while implementing a culture where people are inspired to grow.

We believe that by working directly with business owners, we can help them transform their company and culture from the top down. When leaders are transformed, employees take notice and are also inspired to grab hold of new possibilities and innovation. We specialize in transforming companies from the inside out, helping them reap the harvest of expanded profits and brighter futures.

It’s an honor getting to work with so many wonderful business owners and leaders. We have transformed 500 companies and counting, and have trained over 7,000 coaches in our Coaching Methodology. At, we take pride empowering entrepreneurs to create or carry on the legacy of meaningful business ventures. We are proud of our work and our clients, and believe that the best is still to come!



Gary Henson is a 30-year Pioneer of the professional Business Coaching industry. Raised in a family of entrepreneurs, Gary followed suit and owned several companies before meeting Business Transformational expert Jim Selman in 1989. With his help, Gary was determined to shift from owning Bradford Real Estate Company to becoming a true agent of change. With a passion for business and entrepreneurship, Gary made a bold move and invested everything into learning professional Business Coaching from the best of the best.

For over 30 years, Gary has poured his business expertise, transformational coaching, and heart into clients. He has traveled all over the world and to date has coached over 500 businesses, including Fortune 1,000 companies. He also began his own Business Coaching Certification program, and has trained over 7,000 coaches to become Professional Business Coaches as well.

Above his business success, Gary feels his greatest accomplishments in life are his relationship with his wife, Jenene, his 5 adult daughters, and their families. He is a passionate philanthropist and the co-founder of Megamorphosis Magazine. He is a former board member of Bayside Church Citrus Heights. Gary also sits on the Board of Together America. Gary's legacy goal is to donate 90% of his income to his favorite ministries and charities. Gary is the past President of the Sacramento Fellowship of Marketplace Christians and currently the President of the Top 20 Thought Leaders of Sacramento. He loves pulling the gold out of others and leaves a lasting impression wherever he goes.