The 3 Key Elements to Reshaping You as a Leader

July 18, 2022

We’ve all been there…

You’ve taken the reins in a leadership role and are feeling a bit in over your head trying to manage your company AND your team.

If you don’t make the right move now, you might lose the team’s trust altogether…

This means you could miss your profit goals this year, or worse, lose your team.

No one should have to struggle like this, so why should you?

Well, the answer is simple, future leaders aren’t being taught the crucial components that will allow them to skyrocket profits and overcome any challenge alongside their team.

So, let’s walk through these 3 Key Elements together so that you’ll be running on your own in no time.

What Makes a Leader Great?

1.     Be an Accountability Partner

This is a vital part of leadership that is often overlooked. You’re not just there to inspire your team, you’re also there to see the mission through. Your job is to make sure each individual reaches and maintains the goals they want, not just what you want. It’s about holding them accountable to their professional growth goals to reach a higher standard than they would alone.

So, what does this look like? A perfect example is a job description. When an employee signs that dotted line and commits to the job, you need to start your role as their accountability partner. If that job comes with goals to meet, it’s your job to inspire them to reach high and achieve. You need to be there to help adjust the trajectory of goals if the performance is too low. Your job is to help them thrive, not just survive in the workforce.

2.     Have Full Transparency

This part is easier said than done, and that is because it is hard to enter any project without an agenda—helpful or not. See, transparency is all about being honest and open about where the company is headed. You can’t enter into the firm with any operation that will hinder the vision, mission, or goals of the organization.

Instead, you MUST communicate openly with your employees expectations about the vision for the company and how to get there. And make sure you’re not the only one talking, because this needs to be a conversation. You’ve got to have an open dialogue with your team about what is working, what isn’t working, what’s missing, and what’s next. This means having regular meetings where your team members can give you feedback on areas of improvement and vice versa. The hard part is that you cannot bring bias into the situation either. You simply must be levelheaded and look past what you think is right or wrong and there is where you’ll find the solution.

Remember, transparency isn’t optional…it’s crucial to the survival of the organization.

3.     Be Commitment Focused

Your organization is built on commitment, your leadership needs to be built on it too. As a leader, you need to be committed to achieving the vision by any means necessary. This means you cannot get clouded by your emotions when it comes to staying on track. That must come from the will to be committed to achieving.

This means being committed to your team—through accountability—no matter the circumstances. Additionally, you need to overcome your emotional connection to the workplace. Your emotions will distract you from achieving the ideal outcome and will impair your ability to hold your team accountable. And a great leader holds their team to the highest standard.

So, there you have it, the key 3 elements that—when implemented—will reshape you into the greatest leader your team has ever seen. Don’t just commit to them, commit to making yourself better every day through the transformation of your mind.

Start introducing these tips into your workspace and watch the transformation unfold. Your future self and your team will thank you immensely.

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