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The Truth About What Your Employees Are Really Thinking

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"What vulnerability means is you create an environment where people feel safe to raise their hand and say you've given me a job and I'm not trained and I don't know what I'm doing. Will you help me?"   -Simon Sinek


Empowered People Are Most Important

Bottom-line profits are important, but the truth is how you get there is what’s most important and your people are what will make or break a great company. Many companies miss the importance of relationship and transparency with their employees. It’s about being real and remembering that even though employees work for a paycheck, they still want relationship, healthy competition, recognition and some fun thrown into the mix. This is why building a healthy thriving culture is essential.

Your culture impacts people and empowered people are the real machine behind a profitable company.

Overall companies need to focus more on hiring managers that are willing to show transparency, empathy and genuine care by helping employees reach their goals for their career. That’s just smart business. Encouraging philanthropy projects and awarding employees for the work they do to give back to their communities is another way to empower your company. Download our thinkDoc “What Your Employees Are Really Thinking.”