Robertson’s CPA’s

Robertson’s CPA’s was an accounting firm with 100 employees, 3 locations, and was bringing in $11 million in annual revenue when we met them. They were highly successful, however they had some big decisions looming on the horizon and felt they needed an outside perspective to guide them in the process.

There were 3 partners due for a promotion because of their tenure and commitment to the organization. However, the owners felt that these new partners were not ready to take on the added responsibilities just yet. It was an easy decision for the owners to hire a Business Coach, because they knew they needed someone from the outside to help them develop the new partners in a way that nobody else in the firm could. They wanted to make sure that their newest partners could carry their weight moving forward and make innovative contributions to the firm.

This was a unique situation, because we typically only deal with the owners or leaders at the beginning of a coaching relationship. In this case we suggested that we walk the new partners through a series of trainings and meetings to help them understand their new responsibilities and commit to the bigger picture. This was tricky they were somewhat naive about how business works, even though they had been advising large firms as accountants four years. These individuals were trained well in their trade and had years of experience in the domain of accounting. That said, they were novices at their ability to become entrepreneurs and they needed lots of training to bring them up to the board level. They had learned business but only from an accounting perspective. Their entrepreneurship skills were limited, and they needed help learning skills that they were blind to. The founder was retiring and wanted to make sure that he left capable people in a decision-making role before he retired, so our mission was to teach them to work smarter, not harder.

The owner assured me that the board of directors were 100% in support of the business coaching and mentoring process and were anxious to get started.

The Coaching process moved fast because time was of the essence, and we achieved incredible results. They now have 3 qualified board members and senior partners. The new partners are capable of managing others and have leadership skills beyond their wildest imagination. They are capable of delegating responsibilities, training new employees and managing their departments extremely successfully. As a byproduct of what they learned, each of the new partners is producing unparalleled profits in their department. Each one has learned to delegate in order to reduce the amount of hours they work which gives them time to train up new employees and meet the standard of excellence that their company demands.