Premier Painting

Premier Packing (name has been changed for privacy) is a packing and distribution company of about 250 employees, has two owners, and from the outside, appeared to be doing well. Like many of our potential clients, the two owners had built their business to an impressive level of success. When we met them, they were making about 16 million in annual sales and bringing in a 10% profit. 

Although they appeared to be successful, what we typically find when we take a deeper look, is that every company has “holes” and “blind spots” that are hindering them from even greater success. After we met, I discovered that the two owners were working approximately 65 hours per week each and the business was growing out of control. They had poorly written job descriptions, no training program in place and the leaders of the organization were quite unclear of their vision for the future.

The owners knew they needed to do something different to achieve greater results, but similar to many potential clients, they were unsure about how Business Coaching could help. They had a difficult time trusting someone else with the company they had poured their blood, sweat, and tears into. But once they worked through the doubts that were limiting them, we got to work. 

We immediately created a vision for the future and put together a set of core values that would describe the character of their organization. We then set a series of goals and milestones for them to enroll all of their employees and pull everyone together and put them on the same page. We then called a meeting with all employees and began to share the vision and the expectations that the owners had of the business going forward.

Of course, we ran into a number of challenges in the beginning. Some of the senior managers did not know what to think about seeking help. Some were very much on board and others didn't understand why we were taking the steps that we outlined. This is pretty typical for clients in the beginning of Coaching, as they adjust to change and new ways of thinking. As we dug deeper into coaching, additional challenges revealed themselves: there were no clear goals, poorly written job descriptions, no organizational chart, unclear expectations from management to employees, no system or processes for inventory control, no training programs in place and senior management was overworked and underpaid.

We immediately started addressing these issues as follows: We started a regular all-company meeting for the first Friday of the month. We rewrote the job descriptions and developed an org chart using the System. We set up a 3-day leadership training for all the VP's of the organization. We promoted one of the vice presidents to operations manager of overall operations. We began putting systems in place for inventory and other areas of the business as well.

Within 6 months of working with us, their business has consistently grown by 18%. The owners and senior managers are working less hours and enjoying a healthy work-life balance. Profits have grown, and the amount of errors and challenges have all but disappeared. We’re putting systems in place to control hours worked, inventory, profitability, and strategize for a dramatic increase in productivity across the board. We’re just getting started!