Premier Packing

Premier Painting (name has been changed for privacy) is an Ohio-based professional painting company that has been in business for over 35 years.  


Like many of our clients, the owner found himself ill equipped to take the business to another level. The owner was working approximately 55 hours per week and the business was growing, but profits were not. 


The owner could see that there was enormous potential in the business, but he did not know how to leverage the business’s reputation and longstanding client base. He was not clear on a strategy or a plan to take the business to the next level.


When he was introduced to, he was convinced that we had the Coaching experience (we’ve helped over 500 different organizations and counting) he needed to help him develop a strong business model for the future of the business.

After diving in and taking an internal look at the company, one of the first glaring issues was that there were no training programs in place, and no one in the organization was clear on the vision for the future. Morale was low, and many of the employees didn't want to be working for the company any longer. Another issue was that the owner was also the sales representative for the business. He had raw talent but needed to further develop his sales skills in order to close deals. At the same time, we had to evaluate several of the employees, eliminate the ones that were creating issues, and hire new employees that would increase productivity in the workplace.

When we began the coaching relationship, it was apparent that the owner’s strengths lied in being a painting contractor, and he needed help developing into a strong business leader. We set up a plan to remove him from the day-to-day painting operations, so that he could focus on big-picture vision for the company. Once we set up the vision, core values, job descriptions, and regular evaluations for all his employees, we were off and running. We then worked on teaching the owner how to find, hire, and retain all-star employees.


In this case, the owner was very coachable and quite receptive to new ideas and making changes in his business. He recognized his strengths and also knew that he could accomplish more by trusting the outside, objective perspective of a Coach. 


His coachable attitude paid off astronomically. Within three months the company’s sales doubled and profits soared. Within about 6 months, we replaced the underperforming employees with all-stars and put a plan in place that directed the business going forward. We set big goals and were able to achieve them thanks to the owner’s coachability and hunger for growth.