Newspring Counseling

Newspring Counseling (name changed for privacy) is a counseling clinic in Silicon Valley, CA with 20 counselors, 3 managing partners, and $2 million in annual sales.


The three owners were excellent counseling psychologists, but inexperienced as business owners. They had never run a company before, making them unclear in their direction, how to run their business, and how to manage people. They were faced with many strategic decisions that needed to be made in order for their business to become more profitable. 


When they came to, they were eager to get started with the coaching process. Up until that point, all their decisions were “shots in the dark,” made without any prior experience and just hoping for the best. They were holding off on making some key decisions because they couldn’t all agree and needed guidance to move forward. They were excited to dive in, and their coachable attitudes propelled their success. 


Their immediate challenges involved payroll, employee relations, and growing their business to become more profitable without sacrificing their lifestyle. This client was also unique in the sense that they were servicing more patients than they could handle. The company was getting more referrals than they had qualified staff to keep up with the demand. We immediately started by setting clear goals and objectives going forward. We also put together a plan that included defining and designing their company culture. We then put together an org chart with clear roles and job descriptions. Next, we developed marketing strategies, hiring strategies, and a budget for them to strategize key financial decisions. 


Thanks to their coachability and our strategies, they saw extraordinary results. We helped them hire several new employees that were an excellent fit for the company and its newly clarified mission. We also hired an office manager to make operations run more smoothly. They have since doubled the amount of profits they were making, while the three owners have dramatically decreased the amount of hours that they work weekly. They planned an all- company party to continue fostering a tight-knit team amongst their staff. Their company has transformed into a profit-making business where all of the staff are well-taken care of and love coming to work.