A unique solution to multi-million-dollar problem

What would you do in this situation?

You are the CEO of one of the world’s largest software and medical supplies companies and have been working on a unique breakthrough software for hospitals.

But the software is getting nowhere. Your R&D Director keeps pushing the finish date back each time you talk. 

What do you do to get the project moving forward??

You cannot fire the director and put in place a new team because he has privileged privileged information that's required to finish the project.

You cannot hire a new Director, as that would add new problems to a project going nowhere.

You cannot stop the project because too much time and money has been invested, and there’s a high demand in the market. 

So what do you do?

This was where our former client, Adam, the CEO of MedTech, (name has been changed for privacy), found himself when he came to us for help.

And the solution we implemented was definitely out of the ordinary and only possible because of our “Transformational” approach to Coaching.

Rather than being critical and telling the director how to change, we instead gave him tools to have a realization for himself. We’ve found that it is much more effective to guide clients through their transformational processes, rather than tell them what to do and “do” the work for them. The first step was to give him a book to read so he could wrestle with his own issues. 

The following week, he came back excited, having finished the book and talking about all the ways it impacted him. Next, we recommended two more books. After reading them, he explained how he is a micromanager and wants to fix that and move the project forward.

And here are the results:

  • The software that would have taken at least another 6 months to complete was finished in just 6 weeks.
  • We shaved off around one year of production time.
  • Developed employees’ productivity by over 33%.
  • And finally, they TRIPLED their revenue over the next 12 months.

And here’s what Adam had to say: “The best investment we made all year was hiring”

We don’t say this to convince you to join our Coaching programs. In fact, Coaching is not everyone and you actually should NOT join us if:

You are not coachable (this is not a bad thing, coaching is not for you if you cannot work with someone and always want things to go your way).

You are not ready to invest money in your mindset and training.

You don’t want to grow your company further.

And if that is you, there is no reason for you to join any coaching program.

But if you are looking for results and a surge in the growth of your business, perhaps it’s time you do something different. There is nothing more powerful than getting an outside perspective, so if you meet the requirements, contact us now at