ACE Contractors

ACE Contractors (name has been changed for privacy) is a remodeling contractor company. When we met them, they had been in business for 25 years, had two locations, and were making $19 million in annual revenue.

They were a highly successful company that felt like they had reached their growth limits. Their annual revenue had remained the same for the last three years and it was time for them to try something different. They constantly struggled finding good employees and realized that no matter how many different changes they made within the organization, the company remained stuck. 

The owners knew they needed outside help to show them what they were missing. They wanted to make sure that they selected a Coach that would push them into making necessary changes inside the organization. They interviewed several Business Coaches and selected us as the right company to work with. They were excited to grow their business, increase profit margins and, at the same time, find productive employees to do the work. 

This was a very straightforward Coaching process. It didn't take long to determine that they had no process for hiring high-quality employees; their management structure was in bad shape; they had no performance evaluations or systems for holding employees accountable; and they had no mission statement or core company values. 

In order to bring structure and a harmonious work environment to the company, we quickly implemented regular staff meetings, updated job descriptions, created an org. chart, and replaced some employees that were sabotaging the success of the company.  

Despite the pushback from some of the employees initially, the owners held their ground knowing that “business as usual” was costing them new business and increased profitability. We were able to get everyone on board, and once the employees began to see results, they were all-in and thankful for the Coaching program. 

Within just six months, ACE Contractors’ bottom-line profits increased by 50%. Overall productivity increased by 30% in six months and over 50% by the end of one year. The owner reduced the number of hours he was working by 50%, and problems began to dissipate as the culture developed into a culture of accountability. By the end of one year, they began to do more volume with 15% less employees. The owners were so happy they signed a contract for a second year, and they continued their growth beyond what they thought possible.