A & S Motorcycles

A & S Motorcycles is a 50+ year-old Motorcycle Dealer company with 40 employees. 

When they contacted us, the company was owned by the founder’s grandson, and he was working about 55 hours a week. The business was growing, but the profits were not. They had no training programs in place and no one in the organization was clear of the vision for the future. The owner was a well-educated, hard-working man, and he realized that as hard as he was working, he could not get the company to reach the next level of success on his own. He was unclear on what to do next and knew that working long hours was taking a toll on his family. 

We began to dig beneath the surface and saw that they had no vision statement, mission statement, core values, job descriptions, all-company meetings, training programs, or regular employee evaluations in place. We also discovered that the owner needed some leadership development. He was one of the top sales representatives for the business but didn’t know how to teach others how to sell. He also lacked training programs to equip others around him to become leaders in their individual departments. And even though they were the most successful franchisee in the world, their customer service was subpar.

The owner was very coachable and quite receptive to making changes in his business. He was frustrated in the beginning of the coaching process (we find that this is common as CEOs adjust to all the change), but he changed his tune when he began seeing results after less than 90 days. We put him through a leadership and sales intensive training, and the better he became at leading and delegating, the more the company’s profits grew. 

Within 6 months, we increased their profits by over 20%. We stopped focusing on sales growth and set our attention on the bottom-line profits instead. In less than six months the owner cut his hours in the workplace by 35% and began enjoying time with his family and others. Together we pinpointed the breakdowns that were hindering their company from the profits and success they deserved.