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"How to get more clients than you can handle" A sneak peak into "Thrive"

This week we are giving everyone a chance to view one of our bi-monthly coaching sessions from the Thrive Business Academy for Coaches.

This weeks session is titled, “How to get more clients than you can handle”.

Build your confidence and Thrive.

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Executive Coaching: 5 Reasons Executives Need Coaching Too

An executive coach has the tools and advice to double an executive’s effectiveness using half the energy. This is referred to as Pareto’s Principle, more famously known as the 80/20 Rule. is firm on encouraging executives to exert 80% of their energy towards 20% of their work, and in return reap more benefits in a quarter of the time. By doing so, an effective leader has the ability to apply proper executive skills in an appropriate amount of time. This allows time for an executive to have a balanced lifestyle, personally and professionally.

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Leadership Styles: How To Motivate Right-Brained People

Most things in business life can be given both a definition and a complication. Business consultants are big on giving definitions; business coaches, on the other hand, are big on delivering solutions to the things in business that complicate our roads to success. 

One big missing piece I see too often is the lack of adaptive Leadership Styles. I will discuss the more creative people today and how to motivate them.

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