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Your Business Plan & Strategic Planning

A well-written strategic plan contributes to why businesses succeed while further developing your organization helps determined the organizational leadership needed.

A strategic plan built around processes as well as productivity and profitability adds a whole new dimension to the operations of a company. It is the leading tool for measuring the direction and progress of a business.

The business plan creates the foundation for business leaders to make their vision known to their employees. It also specifies how the roles of every employee will impact the business.

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Business Coaching vs. Business Consulting

Here is the question: ”Do business coaches also provide consulting for their clients, or is this taboo? Also, should business coaches be offering other services to their clients?”

Personally, I think these are great questions and I am going to do my best to answer them by giving you my opinions and also including some additional reading material to help those of you that want to continue learning about business coaching.

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Entrepreneurship Development: Think Outside the Box

We strongly believe that every leader, no matter where they are in their business, has the ability to keep growing and keep learning. One of the many ways to continue an entrepreneur's development is to think outside the box. Unfortunately, telling someone to “think outside the box” can sometime lead to more confusion and frustration.

Here are some tips that will help you and your team get started.

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