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Top 10 Ways To Make Money As A Business Coach Pt. 2

Yesterday, I discussed how to make money as a business coach utilizing one-on-one and group coaching. Both of these are lucrative and effective business coaching methods that focus on building a strong relationship with your client(s). 

However, for group and one-on-one coaching to work, you have to get the clients to commit to a set length of time (we teach one year programs).  Another great way to coach clients, as well as market yourself to the masses, is to deliver workshops and/or retreats.

What makes workshops and retreats powerful is that they allow you to focus on a specific topic in a one half day or all day session. That said, anyone who has ever planned a workshop or retreat before will tell you that it’s no easy task. It takes organization, focus, and a lot of creativity. Later we’re going to help you make it easy to do, please read on.

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