12 Month Mentoring Program


Coaching, Mentoring & Training for Entrepreneurial Coaches 

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12 Month Mentoring Program


Coaching, Mentoring & Training for Entrepreneurial Coaches 

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Programs for Coaches


12 Month Mentoring & Coaching Program For Men & Women Who Are Serious About Building a Business

Our students are the brightest professionals - many are highly educated . . . attorneys, therapists, healers, doctors, ceos, military professionals, executive coaches, entrepreneurs and pastors. We have been honored to work with a caliber of student willing to go deeper to become an expert in the area of business, organizational culture & personal transformation.

All of our students have something in common . . A deep desire for creating a legacy, doing meaningful work in the world and coaching businesses and their teams.

They want to leave their mark on the world and they have a burning passion to bring their unique dream to life in a significant way. Whether an entrepreneur, coach, leader, consultant, CEO or healer - there's a passionate voice in each student. They recognize to be a smart influential entrepreneur, they need to run the race to win.

Our students want to lives with significance and they come to us fueled with excitement to uncover and create their legacies and dreams. They have a strong willingness to learn the art forms of relationships, culture, coaching, enrollment and transformation. They want to have their clients experience life-altering breakthroughs because this kind of service brings a great deal of fulfillment. They want to learn how to impact lives in a deeper lasting way and how to do it in a professional environment.

 They are typically well educated, smart, entrepreneurial, and they are willing to expand themselves and what's possible.  

They want to learn the skills, systems, strategies and frameworks to catapult. These are the kinds of trainees we created our programs for.

Are You a Champion for Your Clients?

The 12 Month Mentoring & Coaching Program includes all the coaching skills, knowledge and 1-on-1 mentoring you need to create a professional business coaching business. First, you need to understand the best coaches are true champions for their clients. This starts with you being the champion for yourself first by being a star student.

We're Committed to Helping You Learn

  • How to develop a successful sustaining culture in your client's business

  • How to position yourself as a credible and professional business coach

  • How to be a true champion for your clients who won't sell out

  • How to take the anxiety out of selling your services and products

  • How to package and brand yourself, your products & your services

  • How to master the art of transforming lives, relationships and behaviors

  • How to teach communication that creates a positive business culture

  • How to ensure results by signing your clients up on a 12 month agreement

  • How to find ideal clients who are a great match

  • How to become a transparent and knowledgable trusted advisor

  • . . . and so much more.

It All Starts With Behavior & Leadership

Clients always start out with complaints. Complaining about employees, cash flow, departmental and management issues. The last place to look is in the mirror, right? Well, the truth is you've got to be pretty straight and pretty authentic right out of the gate if you want your 'potential clients' to trust you. This helps a lot so that you get the clients that are really ready. . . and that's what you want. If you sell out before you get started, you'll end up losing your client before they've learned how to sustain change, so don't do that.

You have the power to change a client's world by being a coach who models fortitude, integrity and is willing to say what needs to be said to create breakthroughs for your clients.

Most business owners don't want to automatically look at their leadership. Leadership can be incredibly fun when we put our egos aside –and it's absolutely necessary to be a leader that has some heart leading the way in their business. You can't develop a strong culture unless you know something about leadership, communication and people.

A Well Defined Lived Out Culture Makes The Difference

Culture is created through powerful communication and being intentional about living it out. A leader must be responsible for breeding the culture from the top down. If the leader is untrustworthy, inconsistent or irresponsible, the culture won't be defined or it will be an unhealthy one. Another area a well-trained coach can make a huge impact. Hopefully you're getting an idea of what we'll teach you in our 12 Month Coach Mentoring Program. 

We say, "everything rises and falls on leadership." However, to go a little deeper, how a leader sets the foundation for good communication is critical. Here at BusinessCoach.com we go even deeper into the area of 'being'. If you want to know who you're being or how you're showing up in the world, you've got to ask someone. We communicate what matters to us in many ways. We like to be thorough and look at all of them. Basically, by the time you're through our mentoring program, you'll be crystal clear there's an advanced level of communication that provides, breakthroughs, lasting change and sustainable transformation and, of course. . . goals.

We like goals around here and if you want clients you will too. You'll need to make them, strive for them, commit to them and learn to master the art of accomplishing them. This goes back to that word we love so much, intention. We eat that word for breakfast as most champions do. We know, however that stress and overwhelm can get in the way so we help our clients:

  • Get clarity

  • Make better decisions

  • Communicate expectations clearly

  • Honor their word

  • Build strong and authentic relationships

  • Create a 'real' and well defined culture

  • Clean up long-awaited messes

  • Build better teams

  • and ultimately love their life and their business again.

And . . .all that leads us to a transformed company where goals are realized.

We Got This . . .The Business Tools

By now you should have a pretty good picture of our company's DNA and why we love and honor the work we do. And, why we love to train other coaches around the world with our coaching methodology. We've worked with over 7000 leaders and traveled the world sharing our professional business coaching expertise. 

We offer business coaching services with a serious dose of guts and transformation. 

We want you to know the areas where leaders really struggle and the areas where, as the coach, you'll also need to master. The truth is business owners are pulling their hair out with frustration and some want to throw in the towel. Their families are being impacted because they are in the thick of their mess. They are praying for someone to champion them, lift them back off the ground again and help them see what they are incapable of seeing in their current circumstances.

Then, there's those clients we dream about . . .they just want to be greater than they've ever been before. Either way, we're honored to help the people who really are ready to live out their legacy and build their dream company.

This course begins with 3 live training days. It also includes our 'Small Business Coach Master Training System' & our client workbook 'Strategies to Future-Proof Your Business'. 

Are you interested in applying for our 12 Month Mentoring & Coaching Program or Our Thrive Academy? 


Academy Info


Join the Thrive Academy for Coaches Architecting A Big Dollar Coaching Business


Academy Info


Join the Thrive Academy for Coaches Architecting A Big Dollar Coaching Business


Thrive Business Academy

The Thrive Business Academy is facilitated by the Founder of BusinessCoach.com & Industry Thought Leader, Gary B. Henson as well guest appearances by The Top Influencers of The Professional Coaching Industry. 


Training, Mentoring & Certification for Coaches, Consultants & Solo Practitioners

This Academy is designed for professionals who are motivated and serious about architecting and building a coaching business. It's also for those who are ready to live bigger and build smarter so you can grow your coaching income way beyond the industry standard. We want you to learn quickly how to create a leveraged coaching business model and charge fees that clients will be happy to pay. 

We're senior coaches and we'll be having senior conversations with you and that's why you will be amongst the 5% when you have completed the Academy if you show up, participate, take our coaching and do the work.

Are you willing to implement smart strategies and systems from Top Industry Performers?

As an Academy participant you need to come with the attitude of playing big. We don't succeed if you don't succeed. 

We are going to pour an Ph.d level of education into your coaching/consulting toolbox.  We're going to teach you how to leverage communication, relationships, business, human performance and coaching on an extraordinary and mastery level. You will learn the art and power of creating breakthroughs very quickly for yourself and your clients.

This Academy is not for the faint of heart or for the average. To experience the success you want it will require your participation and interaction during our coach trainings. You will practice becoming masterful in every area that keeps you average or holds you back from success. That requires your willingness to shift what's getting in your way.

When you unlock your unique fingerprint for success, you will have learned and earned the personal power to thrust you forward. Have you heard the saying, "Everything they touch turns to gold?" Wouldn't you like to be that person? You can be with commitment, diligence and implementation.

Do you want to build a coaching business that gives you a great deal of success and fulfillment? 

Then you'll need to show up as if success is all you will accept, train like a true champion and put an end to any bad habits, lack of focus, making excuses or playing small.  We're going to coach you on how to architect a unique coaching business model designed just for you, keeping your gifts, your lifestyle and your dreams in mind. We're going to teach you how to have your unique fingerprint on your legacy business . . . AND how to set yourself apart as an influential coach, implement quickly and gain serious momentum. 



Our curriculum is based on working with over 7000 business clients and training coaches worldwide since 1989.


Our curriculum is based on working with over 7000 business clients and training coaches worldwide since 1989.


FAQs On Our Curriculum


I don't have a business degree or much experience in business. How can I coach business owners in their business?  

A: This is a great question that we get asked all the time. Business coaching is not giving people the answers to their deep rooted business concerns. As business coaches we provide our clients value in three areas that they can't do on their own. First of all we provide an outside objective opinion, secondly we are their accountability partner and finally we bring results to areas where they are currently struggling.


How long does it take to learn your system for coaching business owners and leaders?

A:  Of course it depends on the individual, but typically our students learn our methodology (process) and how to coach clients in 3 to 6 months. All of our programs include a robust quantity of home study material so you can continue to practice and grow your skill set on your own timeline.


 I've already been certified by another organization. Why should I go through your courses? 

A: During the past 25 years we have taught students all over the globe that have been certified or purchased a franchise from just about every organization imaginable. The feedback that we receive from our students is: "BusinessCoach.com's Training Programs are far more comprehensive and include transformation, systems and business coaching tools that are not offered in any other training programs anywhere in the world. 


Where do I find clients for me to coach? Am I on my own when it comes to building my coaching business? 

A: Our training programs include everything you need to build a coaching business. We teach our students how to attract and find your legacy clients, sales training, client enrollment and all of the ins and outs of working with new clients to grow their companies. We'll provide the tools, you need to provide the commitment and action.


How much do I charge my clients? 

A: We teach our students to charge around $300.00 to $500.00 per hour. A major part of the training is: how to set your fees, why you don't want to charge by the hour, how to set the monthly retainer, how often to meet with clients, as well as signing the client up using our a 12 month agreement. We are known for helping coaches transition from being an average paid coach to a big dollar coach.


Can I become a business coach and work part time?

A: Of course it's possible, but we don't recommend anyone start any occupation thinking that they can be successful by working part time. Like anything in life, you get out of it what you put into it. Business coaching is a noble profession. For those that apply themselves, commit to entrepreneurial vigilance and learn the craft - they are very likely to be successful. We know very few that have become a six or seven figure earner by working part time only. That said, it is smart to learn business coaching and have enough income to sustain yourself while you're in training and building your unique brand, coaching business model and marketing blueprint. Many coaches are stay-at-home moms or have a regular job and are satisfied with making an extra 50K per year. It's really your choice, but we assume that our students in the Thrive Academy would like to earn at least 200K per year.


How do I know your system and training program will work for me?

Frankly you don't! Those that have been successful using our materials and training programs typically have some things in common, they follow our lead, utilize the materials, take the coaching and become students of the game. It's up to you to determine if you have what it takes to become a successful business coaching company owner. It's up to us to provide you the training and tools to coach, advise and consult your clients in excellence; and provide them tangible results and positive cultural changes in their business. 


10 Best Ways To earn high dollars as a Coach

10 Best Ways To earn high dollars as a Coach

10 Best Ways to Make Money as a Business Coach

There are some right ways to earn high dollars as a business coach and some wrong ways that will waste your time and suck the passion right out of your business.

Lack of passion is a sure cause for failure in this business.

The attached PDF is a very good place to start to strategize what your unique coaching business model might look like.

Remember: Million dollar coaches didn't catch a lucky break. They learned about leverage and they built a smart coaching business model tailored to their expertise, talents and experience and they know how to execute.

They asked themselves the same questions as you and I did:

  • How do I develop my niche?
  • How do I create a smart referral system?
  • Should I offer 1-to-1 coaching or group?
  • How can I guarantee results for my clients?
  • How do I create my first product?
  • Should I write a book?
  • How do I determine what I should charge?

 . . . and about 100 more like those.

These are very legitimate questions.

Remember, this is a transformational business building journey.

Your success is dependent on three things:

  1. Your ability to stay focused and committed
  2. How you develop a strategic plan around your dream (Your Profit-Builder Blueprint)
  3. Your ability to implement well

If you really want to kick into gear by getting help with your Profit-Builder Blueprint, contact us about a private intensive where we work 1-on-1 with you or check out the 12 Month Mentoring Program.