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Since 1989, has been transforming businesses and lives. Our holistic relationship-oriented approach to creating vibrant and healthy workplaces comes from a core belief that every human being has greatness inside them. Our passion is to work with companies that have a commitment to excellence and want to learn how to create a legacy, while implementing a culture where people are inspired to grow.

We find that leaders have influence on many levels, more than perhaps they realize. If they are willing to learn, if they will commit to adopt the belief that they can live bigger than themselves, providence moves. When we as leaders shift our attitude, employees notice and they are given permission to grab hold of new creativity and innovation.



Gary Henson is a 27 year veteran of the professional business coaching industry. Raised in a family of entrepreneurs, Gary followed suit and owned several companies of his own before meeting  Jim Selman in 1989. Jim is the man Gary credits for being the inspiration behind his shift from owning Bradford Real Estate Company - to becoming a true change agent. With a passion for business and entrepreneurship, Gary made a bold move and invested everything into learning from the master of cultural transformation, the art of professional business coaching. 

What will you do to start creating a legacy of significance? Whatever you choose, remember, you’ve got to commit to WHO you’ll BE in the world before you start doing.
— Gary B. Henson

Suddenly our clients experience a brighter future for their company and the possibilities for growth and profits expand. We all want to believe we have faith, but we need the collaborative faith of others to help us grow our significance as leaders. It's our experience that too often business owners limit what's possible and we're here to close that gap.



Within a few short months Gary formed a partnership and spent two years being mentored by his business partner Bob McCann to learn how to provide "paradigm shifts" to Fortune 500 companies like Zerox. From there Gary Henson went from consulting and coaching companies to developing criteria for professional standards and certifying coaches and coaching schools with the methodology. Gary's recent innovation is expanding his professional curriculum to include helping students learn an influential level of grace, significance, vigor and style. He is expanding to build bigger and smarter models for entrepreneurs and coaches through the Thrive Business Academy for Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Solo-practitioners. 

We bring miracles and transformation with us and people we're honored enough to work with really experience it.

As new purpose mandates, core company beliefs, visions and meaningful missions are created, these new changes are implemented through the leadership and communicated and inspired throughout the company. People get on mission. That's what we're up to and that's what our clients are up to.

This is only the beginning. . .


We are deeply rooted in our Christian faith and have a mandate to change the way believers do business. The work we do here at is only one way my wife Jenene Stafford and I bring healing to the nations. 


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Doing business with grace, significance, vigor & style.