Coaching Business – Executive Corporate Certification

Why Coaching?
become a world class business coachAll the skills and knowledge you need to create a
thriving coaching practice –in less than 6 months!

That’s right! You’ll be able to use the insights, systems and resources in our programs to start or revive a coaching practice that will likely pay for your one-time investment LONG before you’ve even completed the program.

If you’re a person who people regularly return to for counsel on important life and business issues, this course could be the catalyst for launching you on an extraordinary journey as a business coach.

Do these characteristics and philosophies resonate with you:

  • You value personal growth and want a career that will allow you to leverage your strengths.
  • You understand the importance of strong relationships and the benefits of leading a balanced life.
  • You believe in the potential of people and enjoy seeing it realized.
  • You’re not afraid to invest time and money to build your personal and financial freedom.
  • You truly believe you can make a difference and you want to use your gift to positively impact others.



“I was able to get everything I needed to get my first engagement within 30 days from our class! Gary was an excellent resource and he gave me the confidence to build my practice quickly!” Bryan Durkin 

Our programs are for you if any of these statements are true:

  • money back guaranteeYou have made a decision to become a world-class Certified Business Coach and enjoy all the benefits that come with that distinction
  • You are already in the coaching profession but feel you don’t have the training, knowledge and support you need to elevate your practice to a higher level of personal satisfaction.
  • You are looking for a Business Coaching training program that includes extensive training in all the aspects needed to operate a profitable practice – in exchange for one-time investment.

You’ll learn:

  • The right way to coach so your clients see results!
  • How to keep clients coming back for more!
  • How to market your practice so you always have clients!
  • How to earn incremental income by providing extra value!
  • How to master the business side of running a practice!

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About Your Training & Mentoring Coach:

Your Mentoring Coach is Gary Henson – one of the coaching industry’s trailblazers with over 22 years of coaching experience. In between Coaching Workshops in North America, China, Japan and Turkey, Coach Gary will personally oversee your coaching program.

Since 1989, he and his team have helped over 510 companies transform their goals and objectives into reality. His clients range from high-profile entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 Companies that span across more than sixty diverse industries.

Now, he’s ready to make a difference in your life and show you how to create a coaching practice beyond imagination!


After You Complete The Program:

  • You will feel confident that you have the knowledge and support you need to create a thriving business coaching practice focused on and equipped for helping people anywhere in the world.
  • You’ll have the confidence and ability to coach corporations with up to 500 employees
  • You’ll know how to coach Small Business, CEOs and Executives
  • You’ll own our proprietary Business Coaching Methodology
  • You’ll learn our Total Company Approach to Coaching™ – a globally recognized approach for coaching excellence

And, most importantly…

As a professional, you will feel confident that you have the knowledge and support you need to create a thriving business coaching practice that will provide you with all the things you want for yourself and the clients you serve.

This is the heart of the training program. It features a group environment of 10-15 people. Training locations are often California-based but depending on enrollment, can include other training sites located across the United States and Canada.

“Before I signed up with, I researched several other companies, but ultimately chose because their strength is in teaching people how to be effective business coaches. The training also included how to get a successful coaching practice started. I am so glad to that I made the choice to take the training. I now have started a business coaching company and am living a life that I love.” Darcie Paradies

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