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Join the Elite Academy for Senior Coaches Architecting Their Unique Legacy Business 


Academy Info



Join the Elite Academy for Senior Coaches Architecting Their Unique Legacy Business 



The Thrive Business Academy is facilitated by the Founder of & Industry Thought Leader, Gary B. Henson as well guest appearances by The Top Influencers of The Professional Coaching Industry. 



Training, Mentoring & Certification for Coaches, Consultants & Solo Practitioners

This Academy is designed for professionals who care about their legacy as an influential leader. It's also for those who are ready to live big, build smart and be willing to make the process of transformation, accountability and implementation fun. We're senior leaders having senior conversations. 

Are you willing to implement smart strategies from Top Industry Performers?

As leaders we (you and I) are "My Way" kind of people. We tend to naturally think our way is the best way. 

However, we're going to set the foundation for you to succeed by letting you know up front, your way might be what's keeping you stuck or holding you back from living the optimal life you desire. You'll need to prepare yourself to be a recipient of extraordinary gifts. If you didn't have something left to be desired you wouldn't be here. What's required from you as an Academy participant is to come with an attitude of gleaning a high level of wisdom from experts who have been there and done that. We bring a great deal of experience with us. We don't succeed, if you don't succeed. 

Therefore you must KNOW THE RULES. We are going to pour an enormous amount of knowledge into your coaching/consulting toolbox. There are secrets tucked away in the winner's toolbox. One is understanding leverage. We're going to teach you how to leverage communication, relationships, business, human performance and coaching on an extraordinary and mastery level.

This Academy is not for the faint of heart or for the average. This Academy is experiential by nature. You will practice becoming masterful in every area that keeps you average or holding you back from being truly great. In other words, you're going to need to participate to learn the process of powerful lasting change. When you unlock your unique fingerprint for success, you will have learned and earned the personal power to thrust you forward and change the course of things. Have you heard the saying, "Everything they touch turns to gold?" Wouldn't you like to be that person? You can be.

Do you want a more lucrative lifestyle? . . .

Then you'll need to show up as if success is all you will accept, train like a professional athlete and put an end to any bad habits of making excuses or playing small. Do the work, take the coaching and with true vigor and a style all your own, you will succeed. Be 100% committed. We're going to teach you how to have your unique fingerprint on your legacy business . . . AND how to set yourself apart as an influential coach, implement quickly and gain serious momentum. 


Discover the way to do business with grace, significance, vigor & style.



Our curriculum is based on working with over 7000 business clients and training coaches worldwide since 1989.



Our curriculum is based on working with over 7000 business clients and training coaches worldwide since 1989.


FAQs On Our Curriculum


I don't have a business degree or much experience in business. How can I coach business owners in their business?  

A: This is a great question that we get asked all the time. Business coaching is not giving people the answers to their deep rooted business concerns. As business coaches we provide our clients value in three areas that they can't do on their own. First of all we provide an outside objective opinion, secondly we are their accountability partner and finally we bring results to areas where they are currently struggling.


How long does it take to learn your system for coaching business owners and leaders?

A:  Of course it depends on the individual, but typically our students learn our methodology (process) and how to coach clients in 3 to 6 months. All of our programs include a robust quantity of home study material so you can continue to practice and grow your skill set on your own timeline.


 I've already been certified by another organization. Why should I go through your courses? 

A: During the past 25 years we have taught students all over the globe that have been certified or purchased a franchise from just about every organization imaginable. The feedback that we receive from our students is: "'s Training Programs are far more comprehensive and include transformation, systems and business coaching tools that are not offered in any other training programs anywhere in the world. 


Where do I find clients for me to coach? Am I on my own when it comes to building my coaching business? 

A: Our training programs include everything you need to build a coaching business. We teach our students client attraction, sales training, client enrollment and all of the aspects of working with new clients. We also train you on the coaches toolbox, reading assignments for clients, how to sign and retain clients for 12 months or more, how to get referrals and much more.


How much do I charge my clients? 

A: We teach our students to charge around $300.00 to $500.00 per hour. A major part of the training is: how to set your fees, why you don't want to charge by the hour, how to set the monthly retainer, how often to meet with clients, as well as signing the client up using our a 12 month agreement.


Can I become a business coach and work part time?

A: Of course it's possible, but we don't recommend anyone start any occupation thinking that they can be successful by working part time. Like anything in life, you get out of it what you put into it. Business coaching is a noble profession. For those that apply themselves, commit to entrepreneurial vigilance and learn the craft - they are very likely to be successful. We know very few that have become a six or seven figure earner by working part time only. That said, it is smart to learn business coaching and have enough income to sustain yourself while you're in training and building your unique brand, coaching business model and marketing process.


How do I know your system and training program will work for me?

Frankly you don't! Those that have been successful using our materials and training programs typically have some things in common, they follow our lead, utilize the materials and become students of the game. It's up to you to determine if you have what it takes to become a successful business coach. It's up to us to provide you the training and tools to coach, advise and consult your clients in excellence; and provide them tangible results and positive cultural changes in their business. 

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Discover the way to do business with grace, significance, vigor & style.