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Who Cares About Culture?: Some Executive Coaching Advice

Who Cares About Culture?: Some Executive Coaching Advice

A culture is a collection of historical beliefs, behaviors, attitudes, rituals or agreed upon social activities. In the workplace, we are the product of our historic...

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Business Coaching: What is it?

Business Coaching: What is it?

Publish Date: 11/30/2012 Until the 1980’s, many people would have limited coaching to the sports industry. However, the move to bring coaches into the business world...

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Business Coaching – How to Better Manage Your Clients

Business Coaching – How to Better Manage Your Clients

Publish Date: 01/12/2012 Publication:   For the sake of those of us who may not be familiar with the role of a business coach, this is a...

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Here's What Our Clients Say

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“I can still remember how you taught me the concept of how to work on my business and stop working in my business. The benefits of business coaching are huge. You worked with me on leveraging the hours of my employees. I actually became their coach and learned how to have them do more of the work, giving me the freedom to choose how I wanted to spend my day. You showed me how to put goals in their proper perspective and helped me grow the business while keeping it profitable at the the same time.”

“Gary, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say Thank You for all that you have done with our team. I am really starting to see results and I really appreciate the level that you have stepped things up to. I believe that we are seeing many positive changes that we would not have seen if you were not working with the team and I think that I am a much better leader now than I used to be.”

“ gave me the needed framework for applying the knowledge and skills from past educational and business experience. I have added confidence when I am in business situations because of the insights gave me.”

“When I found I knew I had struck gold. You provided me with confidence, unbelievable insight, and a breadth of information I needed to be a powerful business coach. In only 4 days I was transformed. There is no other complete business coach training program out there.”

“I ultimately chose because their strength is in teaching people how to be effective business coaches. I am so glad to that I made the choice to take the training. I now have started a business coaching company and am living a life that I love.”

“It was a genuine pleasure to participate in your Business Coach Training earlier this month. My expectations were high since I have aspirations of becoming a coach and serving men and women who want to become empowered to take their business from ordinary to extraordinary. You easily exceeded those expectations.”

“I had to let you know how important you were in this process of transformation. I am helping leaders find ways to empower their employees so they can take vacations with their families.  I am reminding business owners about the passion they had when they started their business. This is powerful stuff.”

“The training I received from was extraordinary. I came away completely inspired and motivated to make a change in people’s business and their lives. The information in the material is state of the art and the 4 week follow up builds on what we learned in class. is a world class organization that cares about people first and foremost.”

“I was able to get everything I needed which allowed me to get my first engagement within 30 days from your training program! Gary was an excellent resource and he gave me the confidence to build my practice quickly!”  

“Gary Henson is a man of incredible business wisdom and personal integrity. A true man of God.”

  • Frank Carson
  • Scott Putnam
  • John Boneck
  • Treste Loving
  • Darcie Paradies
  • John Scherrer
  • Charrise McCrory
  • Barbara Huish
  • Bryan Durkin
  • George Watson

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